Online Recovery Progam

There are hundreds of thousands of people around the country and millions around the world who struggle with substance use issues at some point in their lives. While this often requires treatment, an alternative method may be more appropriate for many people.

Additionally, there are others who either will not or cannot enter treatment for one reason or another. While this program is not meant as a substitute for treatment, it can be a great resource for those who need assistance on their life path.

Affordable, Accessible Recovery Help

There has seemingly never been a greater need for affordable and accessible recovery help in our country and around the world. This online recovery program was created in as a mirror image to our groundbreaking Opioid Independenceā„¢ Program, as we kept getting requests for a version that is applicable for all other substances. The content and structure are nearly identical, just not opioid-specific.

The growing list of weekly lessons, supplemental materials and service providers continues to be an invaluable resource for people who are seeking a personalized recovery experience with customized long-term recovery plan when working with a therapist, recovery coach, or peer support specialist.