About Online Recovery

Although telehealth services have been on the rise in recent years, the response to the pandemic forced their use on a much wider scale. In the substance use recovery field, there were already some therapists, coaches and other support services providing telehealth access, and a few treatment centers had begun to explore the area as well. Now, if someone doesn’t offer it their service may not be around much longer.

What this has done is further validated that people can get good help online through various types of learning, groups, and individual sessions.

We began the creation of this program prior to the recent events, with the understanding that affordability and accessibility were going to be driving factors for many people. We wanted to be able to help provide a customized recovery experience by combining our online course with personalized help from therapists, recovery coaches and peer support specialists.

What Is The Program?

The Online Recovery Program is nearly identical to the original Opioid Independenceā„¢ Program, and was created out of demand for a universal version for any substance. The online program consists of weekly lessons that will total several months’ worth of guidance to help people develop their own personalized path. The lessons address many areas outside of substance use, as they are geared toward overall wellness and living a life of fulfillment, not just sobriety. The Online Recovery Program course is only $399 if paid in full, or four monthly payments of $125. This is for lifetime access, including the continued additions of supplemental materials.

We recommend working with a therapist, recovery coach or peer support specialist for additional group and individual sessions. Choose from our list of providers who may suit your needs, or pair with any other service provider on your own. All costs associated with these additional services are determined by and paid to the providers directly and are in addition to the course fee. When the course is combined with additional support services it is still only a few hundred dollars per month, in most cases. We also recommend working with a peer support group, such as AA, NA, SMART, SOS, Refuge, etc. and attend meetings regularly.

All of these services can be done online or through your mobile device, making them very convenient, and the lessons have accompanying audio that can be listened to on your walk, in your car, while exercising or anywhere else. If an in-person experience is also desired, many of the service providers and support group meetings may be available to attend on location as well.

Who Is The Program For?

The Online Recovery Program has many applications for people, wherever someone is looking for an affordable, accessible, customizable, long-term recovery experience. These may include:

  • After discharging from a detox or inpatient facility
  • While participating in a sober living program
  • For HR Managers at work who don’t have an EAP program and need extra assistance
  • For families with teens who need help but don’t need to go to treatment
  • People who do not have access to local services and are self-motivated in their recovery
  • People who travel or work a lot who need to create a customized schedule for themselves
  • For the criminal justice system, including DUIs and drug courts where people may not need treatment but still do need help
  • Any other situation where someone cannot or will not attend treatment but still needs guidance with a recovery framework they can personalize for their needs