Online Recovery Program for Recovery Month 2020

This year millions of people have been tossed into additionally stressful situations due to social unrest and the pandemic. It is unfortunately a time when many people lost jobs, lost loved ones and generally lost their way. Additionally, the enforcement of isolation and social distancing created difficulties for people already in recovery.

While most treatment facilities did in fact remain open and have been there to help, many recovery support groups shut down temporarily, leaving people searching for ways to connect and get the help and support they need. Thankfully the recovery community is incredibly adaptive and resourceful, and many online resources were quickly made available as well.

One new adaptation was the launch of the Online Recovery Program, which is a new hybrid recovery model for people seeking help but who cannot or will not attend treatment, and is not intended to be a treatment replacement. It combines the growing list of lessons through the online course itself, and encourages participation with a therapist, recovery coach and/or peer support specialist for group and individual sessions. Several resources can be found who provide this type of help, though people can work with whomever they choose. These combine to form a personalized recovery program for people who are motivated and want a customized approach they can do from the comfort of their own home. It is a highly affordable and accessible option for anyone seeking this type of alternative help.

Now we find ourselves in the middle of National Recovery Month, which is now in its 31st year of celebration. Sponsored by Faces and Voices of Recovery, the theme for this year is Celebrating Connections. Recovery Month helps to promote treatment and recovery practices, and seeks to celebrate all those who are in recovery today. There are events being held all over the country throughout the month, both in-person and virtually. You can check out the calendar here: